Paris | France


Atomic Moog is a duo formed by the two Parisians Cedric André and Charles Lecca. Since 2016 they produce tracks with cold groove, jostling and mixing simultaneously. Notes, loops, electric synth flowing in the same hypnotic, dark atmosphere.

The official first apparence of the duo happened in July 2018 with their Shapes EP for Nocturnal Frequencies. A minimalistic and dark release which laid the foundation of their artistic development. They reinforced their identity in November 2018 with their debut on Lowless. Their firs EP on the label with the electric and dreamy Rise & Fall EP including remixes by Skoll and Dycide. In October 2019 they made their vinyl debut with the label. They took part of the Confluence 01 compilation with the groovy and atmospheric Floating Motion.

2020 will be an important year for Atomic Moog as they have several releases scheduled on labels like Subosc and Solid Shape. They will also have the occasion to experiment their first live set during a night in Paris. The night will take place at the Le Nouveau Casino right before the legend Lucy.