Munich | Germany


Polygonia is a versatile art and music project based in Munich, Germany. She intensively practiced several instruments as well as experimented with other art forms. It inspired the artist to translate her understanding of rhythm, composition and experimentalism into the digital musical language.

She creates mystic, deep and experimental soundscapes with acoustic elements in it. The goal of her sets is to lead the listener through a colorful story. Her journey includes a palette from bright moods with a lot of atmosphere and harmony into the polyrhythmic abyss of techno or dark ambient. 

In April 2019 Polygonia made her first appearance on Lowless. She took part of the compilation Rhizome 02 with her ambient track ‘No Haste’. Her debut EP on Lowless is scheduled for Spring 2020. An experimental IDM and deep techno EP that will be out both in limited Vinyl and Digital.

In addition to her musical contribution for Lowless, she is also the official designer of the label. She is in charge of the vinyl and digital artwork since early 2019.