Curated by the tribe

by Polygonia

Lowless playlist by Polygonia.

We decided to open a new chapter in Lowless history. We will invite Lowless artist and friend to share a playlist containing some very inspiring music for them.

Let’s start with our beloved Polygonia. The visual artist behind all Lowless artwork who is also releasing here first EP on Lowless at the end of October 2020.

You can listen to the full playlist on Spotify.

1. My percussive favorite

Yek 128-12 - Burnt Friedman, Mohammad Reza Mortazavi

I always like it when acoustic instruments from all over the world are included in the production of a track. It adds organic atmosphere and makes it less technical. Tribal vibes with high-quality rhythms give me goosebumbs.

2. My entry door into the genre

BLNDR - Untitled 1 (Cio D'Or Trilogy Remix)

Cio D’Or is my goddess when it comes to techno. Before I listened to her and Rrose at the freqs of nature, I basically didn’t know what techno actually was and how it works. My queen in this field knows exactly how to place the perfect number of elements at the right position with brilliant sound design in a minimalistic way with the perfect balance of everything.

3. The one for Warmup

$55 - Ulli Bomans

This track is for me the perfect track to create an atmosphere of departure. It doesn’t say too much, but is an amazing tool to begin sets. It makes kind of a promise that this set is going to be very good. The deepness of the groove catches me very well.

4. Best sound design

Screen - Visible Cloaks

When I first heard that track, I didn’t believe my ears. It is like a 4D fairy showering you with crystals. The whole album is just a full bliss for sound design lovers. Absolutely amazing how the artist manages to create such clean sounds and be so emotional at the same time.

5. The Darkest

Mad Zach - Bicycles

Mad Zach has the very nice ability to create this kind of HipHop-Vibe mix it with the sound language of the hypnotic style of Techno. A very bizarre combination which works out quite perfectly. So deep, so dark and extremely mystic.

6. The mental one

Moon Shadow Move - Bee Mask

First of all, this ep was released on Spectrum Spools. A really amazing label which stands for diversity when it comes to sound. This track is completely crazy and I love the sound design. I think that it also contains a humorous touch which I think is very important in music, I love it when sound makes me love and is well designed at the same time. Perfect combination.

7. The one to dream

Blue Light - Ben Lukas Boysen, Sebastian Plano

This track is released on one of my favorite ambient albums.  The name of the album is ‘Everything‘ and it has 33 tracks on it. Every single one is an absolute master piece. Always emotional, deep, mystic but bright at the same time. Everytime I listen to it, I discover something new that I like. And also here, the usage of acoustic instruments stands in the centre.

8. The minimalistic one

Monolith - Akkord

This track accompanies me since many many years. When it comes to a fusion of minimalism, drum and bass and techno, Akkord is the way to go and that is the reason I know it, because before I left school, I went to lots of drum and bass parties and I digged a lot into the genre.

Every element has its perfect place. The track celebrates emptiness so good like no other track for me at the moment.

9. For the sunrise

Reading a Wave - Arp

This is what I would call jazz ambient. Since I practice jazz a lot, I wanted to include a track which matches the other tracks and my love for jazz at the same time. The name ‘reading a wave’ explains pretty much the feeling which comes with the track, it feels like a big wave that rolls through your ears.

10. The one to fly

Broken Hearted Kota - Joseph Shabason

This track makes me feel very warm in my heart and lets my mind fly through very fluffly clouds. It is kind of funky, but only a little, that forms the perfect tip of the iceberg.

11. A nice groove

Woo York - Contact Point

This high melody adds a very nice detail to the groove. I think that this track is destined to make some bodies shake because of its grooviness. I also like the kind of lofiness and the high quality sounds at the same time.

12. The more hypnotic

Neel - Bassiani

Neel is one of my techno gods. He really knows how to create something highly hypnotic and clean. I can’t say that much more, his techno sound is perfection for me.

13. The melancholic One

Abstract Division – Isolated

I found this track when I began to dig some techno tracks and was really amazed by the minimalistic usage of harmony which expresses extreme emotion. He only uses two notes in this main synth which have an interval of a minor second and originate on the supertonic. This is combined with an arpeggiated minor chord.

Really basic, but so much effect.

14. Breakbeat one

Memory Drum - Significant Other

I love genres with breakbeat and so it feels very natural for me to dig deeper into breakbeat techno. While doing this I discovered this very heavy track which combines many qualities that I like about underground music.

It is quite mighty, well designed and it has a nice groove.


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