Curated by the tribe

by Forest On Stasys

Lowless Playlist by Forest On Stasys.

After a first episod by our beloved Polygonia, we open the curation to the Argentinian Forest On Stasys.
Not unknown from Lowless supporters, he made his first appearance on the Rhizome 02 compilation with the track End Of The Line.
He will also make his debuts EP on the label in January 2021 with a four tracks EP called Ancestral Lineage.

For those who don’t know, he is also the co founder of the label Danza Nativa which has rapidly made a great name in the scene. We invite you to give an ear.

You can listen to the full playlist on Spotify.

1. A Classic

Teste - The Wipe (5AM Synaptic)

There is not much to add you give it play and the track does the job itself, when that electric synth appears on a proper sound system the crowd screams euphorically, simply amazing!

2. The Deepest

Unbalance - Genesis

Since I discovered it, it was one of the tools that I use the most to generate that climate of depth and very subtle intensity.

3. To Fly

Function - Sampler 1

Each element in this work seems incredible to me, the repetitiveness of the synth but arpeggiated in the correct way, a very slow progression but it has strident moments and I always transport myself to another place

4. Best Sound Design

Rrose - Dissolve

It has to be here because it is the clear example of great sound designs for me, I really appreciate all his work but this last album left me with my mouth open. It’s hard to stick with a single track but Dissolve is a gem.

5. For The Warmup

Darragh Casey - Xuri

11 minutes of genuine depth, I was fighting for the position with the deepest, but I really enjoy playing it in warm ups, the vibe it has is magical.

6. The Shamanic

Valentino Mora - Yant Suea

If we talk about shamanic tracks, I think Valentino is a great specialist and he showed it in several releases but this one in particular seems to me the most successful, you really feel in a ritual when listening to it.

7. A Groove

Dorisburg - Splade

I love Alex’s work, something obvious about his work is how the groove works in constant combination with the background textures and the super hypnotic synths. The mix is just perfect I’m a fan sorry haha.

8. Old But Gold

Cobblestone Jazz - India In Me

It belongs to an era where there were several gems, but this track really is still timeless, you can mix it with current minimal or deep techno in my humble opinion.

9. For The Sunset

David Alvarado - Aqua

A track that can be played in a sunset session, David’s work is exceptional listening to him, I can imagine the sun falling on a beach and sharing some drinks with friends.

10. For The Sunrise

Donato Dozzy - Cassandra

A set in the morning can undoubtedly have a track like this, Donato’s eclecticity is remarkable and is something that fascinates me about him, he has music for different times and audiences. I’m still in love with this track!