Curated by the tribe

by Laura BCR

Lowless playlist by Laura BCR

DJ, Producer, Label manager Laura has been an implicated figure of the deep techno scene for a long time.

You can listen to her monthly show on Rinse and give an ear to her label On Board_Music where you will find some gems from artists like Alan Backdrop, Bas Dobbelaer or Polygonia.

On Board is also a booking agency full of talented artists.

Laura shares with us in a playlist 10 tracks that made her musical path so far, you can listen to the full playlist on Spotify.

1. Old but gold

Pan Sonic - MAA (Blast First)

Big fan of Pan Sonic and all around Mika Vainio for a long time.

This track has this moody vibe that I particularly like. The build up of this minimalistic track that becomes very dense and crazy is something I particularly like.

2. The Deepest

Cio D’Or - Ur (Telrae)

Queen of the deepness in her true style. A very profound track that I love.

3. Emotionnal

Vera Logdanidi - Water Bubble Floating in Space (On Board Music)

Vera’s track has been published on our very first compilation with On Board and I remember very well received this track during the first lockdown. Was a very emotional moment and I still have goosebump when I am listening to it !

4. Favourite Album

ASC - Space Debris from Astral Projection (Horo)

Not a secret that I am a big fan of ASC’s work in general.

This album is pure gold and is a good summarize of his large range of sounds and atmospheres.

5. The one I would have loved to produce

Emile - B1 (Hidden Hawai)

All the Hidden Hawai catalogue is pure magic.

This Emile’s EP have been in full rotation in my headphones for a long time.

6. Mental

Rrose & Bob Osterag - Pointilism Variaton Two (Eaux)

Powerful sound of Rrose in collaboration with experimental composer Bob Osterag is pure gold. Rrose’s magic has no boundaries and this track is a good definition of what this human can do and just mess your brain up.

7. Classic

Surgeon - Compliance Momentum (Dynamic Tension)

 I was hesitating between a Lory D’s track aor this Surgeon’s long track – which is definitely my favorite from him.

It is becoming quite completely out of control at some point with some very strong elements – not the easiest to mix but always a good result 🙂

8. Shamanaic

Valentina Magaletti - Apples From Peru (Horn of Plenty)

Valentina’s track is going in many directions, moody, crazy and pure joy! The drummer is always working on some very interesting rhythms.

9. An underrated artist

Oni-Ki - Darkness, Light Darkness (Garage Hermetique)

Love a lot all the releases coming from Garage Hermetique.

This track comes from a collaboration between Onirik and Minoki, minimalistic and experimental.

10. Best sound design

Moritz Von Oswald - Dark (Honest Jon’s)

No better choice than Moritz Von Oswald when it comes to sound design.

Not easy to chose one track only from him but this Dub is definitely one of my fav.

The perfect sound of a chill out.