octobre 9, 2020

Dycide – Fluctuation is out

Dycide - Fluctuation is out. Dycide's impeccable deep techno excursion Fluctuation gets a vinyl pressing. Existing outside of space and time, this is immersive body and mind music of the highest order. 'Fluctuation' The title implies a sense of urgency in its kinetic rhythm patterns, but the beats are slender vessels for an expansive palette of atmospheric tones and impulses.…
juin 22, 2020

Kanthor – Épochè

After quality works on label like We Build Machine, Several Reasons, Shaded Explorations or Circular Limited to name some, Kanthor, the french producer makes his first appearance on Lowless with his EP Épochè.  He contributes to he discography of the label with a mix of lost work of contemplative and melancholic deep techno or ambient journeys.   Épochè by Kanthor…
mai 9, 2020

Ameeva – Fractura del Sueño is out

Ameeva - Fractura del Sueño is out. This is the debut album from the Catalan and Berlin-based artist Ameeva and his first big step into his musical path. The purpose is to create a conceptual LP which devellopes the idea of transcendence, power of mind and self-interpretation of the individual. Alex Busse has created an album where different influences share the…
avril 9, 2020

Ameeva – Fractura del Sueño – Pre Order

We are delighted to finally share with you the previews of our next release by Ameeva - Fractura del Sueño Pre order.. This is the first album to be released on the label and the debut album for the artist Ameeva Last year when Alex sent us his work, we were transported directly to his universe. A poetic blend of lightness and…
mars 9, 2020

Rhizome 03 is out

Rhizome 03 is out and for the third edition we invited 16 artists, some regulars and some new faces. The result is a digital compilation of 16 tracks divided into two parts : one light and one darker. In Rhizome 03 there's something for everyone, proper deep techno track whti The Sixth Sense by Infinity, dubby influences from the Portuguese…