Polygonia – Transparent Creatures is out

By décembre 21, 2020 Release, Vinyl
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Polygonia - Transparent Creatures is out

Polygonia – Transparent Creatures is out.

Not only the designer of the label, Polygonia is also an electronic and acoustic musician. You can hear her playing violin and also using her voice in her EP Transparent Creatures.
« Melting together acoustic sounds with digital signals is one of my favorite techniques I use for my productions. Since my bond with acoustic instruments is very strong since I was a small child, I feel that it is kind of my duty to include them into my workflow and see what kind of character they add to my music.
In this release you can hear violin, flute and my voice during the first three tracks. The last track is different, I only used FM synthesis but also made it sound as organic as real instruments. My goal for every track is to transcend the border between what is perceived as an electronic or acoustic sound.
For me it is important to think the genres like we know them a bit further, to experiment with the traditional values of techno or ambient. »

Polygonia – Transparent Creatures is out in Digital and transparent Vinyl very limited edition on Bandcamp.


Artwork by Polygonia
Mastering by Giovanni Conti at artefactsmastering.com