Munich | Germany


Dycide is a producer, DJ, professional sound designer and visual artist from Munich, Germany. He is playing piano since he is 5 years old and started producing ambient music as a teenager.  He established the Dycide pseudonym in 2014 to release mainly minimalistic deep drum and bass. Slowly he started changing more and more to a more deep techno oriented style. His music can be described as deep, minimalist, organic and emotional at the same time. 

He released some welcomed music these last years officially starting his techno journey on Solid Shape with his EP Steam Entry. Few months later he made his debut on Lowless in the best way possible with his Balder EP. The tracks Eyah and Balder received a lot of support and were played by many artists from the techno scene like Svarog and received support from media like Monument. He became a frequent contributor to the label and the collaboration became a success. His las track Raijin, part of Confluence 01 VA was played by Claudio PRC or Dorisburg for example. He is now preparing his second solo EP on Lowless which is planned for June 2020.