Munich | Germany


MTRL is an art project by Audio Engineer and Sound designer Lukas Weinlein. Lukas has always been fascinated with soundscapes to which he could relate to emotionally. Playing various instruments for years, he started experimenting with different sounds. Tapping into many different styles of music. This insightful journey shaped his current understanding of music. It ultimately led MTRL to the endless possibilities of hypnotic electronic music. His work is inspired by the infinite cosmos and organic voices of nature.

Having bonded with a multitude of great artists helped to refine his style and to create a sphere of inspiration. His deep, experimental – and sometimes dark sounds– resonate with the audience and invites them on a trip to remember.

After a first apparence as remixer on the label he made his Lowless debut in 2019 with Satoru EP. He received a great support from artists, listeners and medias like Orb Mag or Monument. MTRL is now working on his second release for the label which will be out in 2021.